Roses by Jean and Gustave

Jean Brusselmans, De rozen, 1948
Jean Brusselmans, Stilleven met waaier
Gustave De Smet, De taal der bloemen 


Zielscheiben ⊙ Shooting targets ⊙ part II


'Pierrot mit Eule', 1828

'Graf Laudon und der Tod', 1790

'Zugscheibe nach dem heutigen neuesten Geschmack', 1817

'Türke mit Giraffe', 1831

from the book Historische Zielscheiben, by Anne Braun, 1981, Edition Leipzig
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Ugo in Boijmans

Photos from our visit to Ugo Rondinone's show 'Vocabulary of Solitude' in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
With among others forty-five life-size clown sculptures, representing a 24-hour day in the life of an individual, 
bearing titles in the present tense, such as be, breath, remember, feel, fart and yawn.


Ray Yoshida

Untitled, c. 1972
Untitled, c. 1972, at David Nollan Gallery NY
Untitled, c. 1972
Ray Yoshida at David Nolan Gallery NY 

Untitled, c. 1970
Superficial Concerns, 1970
Undesirable Grouping, 1975, acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of the Estate of Ray Yoshida


Bewogen beweging

from the book 'International Pop', published by The Walker Art Center, 2015


Our beautiful Brussels

Last weekend I visited some temporary exhibition initiatives, set up in the context of Art Brussels. There was 'Out of Africa', an exhibition curated by Anne-Catherine Kenis and Damien De Lepeleire @ rue de Praetere, Brussels. The show combines classical african art with contemporary artists like Rein Dufait, Christophe Terlinden, Amélie de Brouwer, Olivier Stévenart, Michel François, a couple of mango's and many others artists, things:

And the 'Not really, really' exhibition. For the 5th time Brussels based collector Fréderic de Goldschmidt exhibits a part of his private collection. The show puts mainly sculptures on display and the space itself (a stripped down former mental health facility) dictates the trajectory of display:

Michel François, 'untitled', 2012
Yann Vanderme, 'Not really really a museum', 2016
Paulo Nimer Pjota, 'Oferenda, paisagem e guerra', 2014
Camille Henrot, 'Fiat Panda 1980-2003' (series 'Endangered Species'), 2015
Amanda Ross-Ho, 'Blue glove right #2', 2014
Evan Robarts, 'Field No. 12', 2015
Neil Haas, 'Paper David', 2014
Romuald Hazoumè, 'Aspirant Chef', 2006