Cabanon de Le Corbusier

Nearby Eileen Gray's "E.1027" villa (in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, a village in the South of France) lies Le Corbusier's famous "Cabanon", a timber holiday cabin he built in 1952.  It's open for visits thanks to Fondation Le Corbusier, more information here.

"Le Corbusier, arguably the greatest architect of the 20th century, was obsessed and haunted by the seaside villa Eileen Gray built. Over the decades, he sought to possess her “maison en bord de mer” in a multitude of ways. It may have been the last thing he saw before dying of a heart attack while swimming off the rocks beneath E-1027 in 1965."(link)


Eileen Gray's "E-1027"

"E-1027", the seaside villa that Eileen Gray built at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France, between 1926 and 1929.

A thorough description of the history of the house, pictures of its interior and the furniture Gray designed especially for it: http://archiseek.com/2002/eileen-gray-e-1027-roquebrune-cap-martin/

A conversation with Danish artist Kasper Akhøj about his work in progress Welcome (TO THE TEKNIVAL) for which he photographs and documents the restoration process taking place at "E.1027": http://www.domusweb.it/en/art/2010/12/10/conversation-with-kasper-akh-j.html


looking for color in copenhagen

curious walking sticks

H. Wiegersma, Volkskunst in de Nederlanden, klein beeldhouwwerk ('Folk Art from the Netherlands. Small Carvings in Wood and Ivory'), 1941


wire nails paper

from Richard Tuttle, Twenty Floor Drawings, published by ICA Amsterdam, 1991

Grundtvigs Kirke

Visited "Grundtvigs Kirke" in Copenhagen, built by Peder Vilhelm Jensen-Klint in 1927. A beautiful, rare example of expressionist church architecture in which Klint combined the modern geometric forms of Brick Expressionism with the classical vertical of Gothic architecture.