Covers of Semina 1, Semina 2, Semina 3, Semina 8.
Scans from the book Support the Revolution: Wallace Berman, ICA/Amsterdam, 1992 
                               - a Für Dich Verlag gift

Michael McClure’s description of Semina: “Seminas are a form of love structure that Wallace made, drawing friends together. Friends are drawn together into the assemblage of the magazine, but then the magazine is also sent to acquaintances who are drawn into the circle of friends, so it expands and becomes a larger event.”

"Semina has some aspects of religion, the religion of art and friends. There's an initiation to Semina, i.e. if Berman chose you. One is chosen. One cannot purchase or request a Semina; it simply comes to you. The magazine is outside the realm of commodity and merchandising and purchase. There's nothing to consume. And so it's a completely different kind of thing, and precious. In fact, the way you loose a Semina is by lending it to a dear friend and they end up keeping it."