jolly postcards from london

a lovely cut out prinses diana

'face' from the book SHAPE by millergoodman for tate, 2008 (an animated version here)

'the scarecrow', typography by theo van doesburg and kate steinitz, book, 1925 (tate modern exhibits beautiful works of van doesburg and the avant-garde till May 16th)

'england 1968' by richard long (more lines made by walking here)

'clapping hands' by armstrong roberts, 1988


dieter roth

material no. 1, anthology of concrete poetry published by Daniel Spoerri, 1958
ideograme, issue no. 2 of the journal material, 1959
children's book, 1954-57


color couplets

heinrich-siegfried bormann : visual analysis of a piece of music
from a color-theory class with wassily kandinsky - october 21, 1930.


latemse school

Henriette, Gustave De Smet
Boer of Avond, Gustave Van De Woesteyne
Azuur, Gustave Van De Woesteyne




Peter Nencini made a contribution to pop-up Pound Shop: 50 'Hand Werk' building boxes containing a set of materials for abstract play. His embroidery for dining chairs is also nice. The text on it is from a book about the psychological affects of domestic space by French phenomenologist Gaston Bachelard: The Poetics of Space (1958).


Jessie Schietecatte modified Galerie Marion De Cannière into a personal framework. On view till May 14th. In text here.
(photographs by Bram Van Stappen)


scrap book 2008

I like this one of a kind tiny zine from artist Misaki Kawai. Each one of these zines, an edition of 100, is completely different. It's nice to own something that was so personally assembled. Check out her many other zines for sale here.