july news - cucumber time

poetin and obama in full sea


saludos calientes

back home for a day or two

 from Belgique / België - Villages de Belgique - Belgische dorpen, 1983


kissed by the sun

main de

from 'Jacques Henri Lartigue, L'album d'une vie',  2003, Centre Pompidou


patatas bravas - here we come

from 'Moorish Architecture in Andalusia', Taschen & 'Islamic Arts from Spain', V&A Publishing


bubbles popping out of existence

the evolution and disappearance of foamy bubbles:



Tender constructions

Opus 2 - Haven, 1926
Opus 3 - Vrouwe schelp in haar slottoren, 1924
Opus 6 - Tedere constructie, 1923
Opus 8 - Heroïsche muziek, 1924
Opus 20 - Constructivisme, 1924

Scans from the exhibition catalogue 'Modernisme. Belgische abstracte kunst en Europa', 2013, Mercatorfonds.

A comprehensive exhibition in MSK Ghent about Belgian modernism and avant-garde around 1920, illustrated through visual arts, photography, music, architecture, furniture, literature and beautiful typography. With Belgian protagonists like the unknown Marthe Donas, Jozef Peeters, Jules Schmalzigaug, Victor Servranckx and Georges Vantongerloo.