mieke willems

Today I visited a small shop with a lot of sketching material.
It inspired me to dream&draw away.


camiel van breedam

I took a look at the collages of Camiel Van Breedam in the KMSK in Antwerp. Just one room filled with collages made of paper, each one fitted into small precious cabinets.
Afterwards I bought a book, 'livresse'. It encloses a beautiful text of Etienne Wils, but mainly photographs of a previous exhibition where he showed series of books, drawings and objects next to each other in a large showcase. I just love the idea of such a simple set-up.


all that smells

All that is solid, melts into air, which I helped give form, opened last week in Mechelen. A few impressions:
The Saint Rombouts Tower in Mechelen.
Below Jimmy Durham while he was working on a more modest version.
(He has a big expo in Le Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris untill the 13th of April.)

Props for an installation of AL and AL. They paint everything Chroma Key Blue, even their studio.

Stereogram of a wire figure, developed by Joseph Plateau. He dipped these wire figures into liquid glycerine (soap suds) so that thin films were formed between their edges. This sometimes created exceptionally beautiful surfaces. (more here) In detail:
General Idea proposed people to manipulate themselves. With amusing results:
Nina Canell & Robert Watkins, 'Temporary Encampment'

Each bread box is unique.

Camilla Low, 'IV' en 'VI' & 'Numbers'.

Image Bank, 'Colour Bars (Spectrum Set)'. They made a website about their colour research from 1967 to 2000.


found a hair °1

...with Erin Jane Nelson in the back of my mind. (see her 'Untitled' I posted yesterday)


ha ha

Peter Morrens makes me smile.



A glory is an optical phenomenon appearing much like an iconic Saint's halo about the head of the observer which is produced by light backscattered (a combination of diffraction, reflection and refraction) towards its source by a cloud of uniformly-sized water droplets. The association with a halo is not coincidental, but derivative, though a real glory has multiple colored rings.

The angular size is much smaller than a rainbow, about 5° to 20°, depending on the size of the droplets. Since it is seen in the direction opposite the sun, it is most commonly observed while airborne, with the glory surrounding the airplane's shadow on clouds (this is often called The Glory of the Pilot). The phenomenon is also known as an anthelion.

(so says wikipedia. I just call it a round rainbow.)


this rainbow is only the tip of Ahndraya Parlato's iceberg.

my friend Yana Foque also managed to catch one of these beauties while they were sitting on me.


who can bring them back together please?


my first image on the line

pretty pictures next to each other. blue-red-yellow.