untitled craters

Daniel Gustav Cramer, Untitled (Crater), 2009
Jean Comandon, Les Anneaux de Liesegang, 1924 © CNC
Simon van Til, Moonlit Disk
Luke Gilford, Oil stain 01 Nebula or pillars of creation
Oskar Fischinger
Paul and Prosper Henry, Nebuleuse de la Lyre (Nebula of Lyra), ca. 1885
Rana Hamadeh, A River in A Sea in A River', 2014.
Part of her exhibition at KIOSK, Ghent (till March 23rd on show). 
Udachnaya Diamond Mine, Russia
Underwater circle

ma mer du nord

M.B., 'A Voyage on the North Sea', 1973-74

Edgard Tytgat, 'Goodbye from Antoon to Zenobie', 1926

Jochen Lempert, 'Un voyage en Mer du Nord', 2007 (detail, 6 parts)

Jean Brusselmans, 'Beach view with bathers', 1934

Bas Jan Ader, 'In search of the miraculous (songs for north Atlantic)', 1975

Picasso, 'Bathers'


Black Christmas

Kerry James Marshall, Black Christmas, 2012.
More information here.


greetings from above

from Architecture without Architects, A Short Introduction to Non-Pedigreed Architecture, 
by Bernard Rudofsky, Academy Editions London, 1964



pictures from our visit to the Kalmthout Arboretum garden


Hairstyle series

Nigerian photographer, J.D. 'Okhai Ojeikere'

miner for a heart of gold

Daniel Steegman Mangrane

The Death of James Lee Byars

Gabriel Kuri


with her heart on her hip

At the Belgium's Planckendael Zoo a baby giraffe was born last Friday, on Valentine's Day.
It carries a heart-shaped spot on the hip.



Lawrence Weiner

Liam Singelyn, O., 2014

Text fragment from The Burrow by Franz Kafka, accompanying Liam Singelyn's photo series O. :
My burrow takes up too much of my thoughts. I fled from the entrance fast enough, but soon I am back at it again. I seek out a good hiding place and keep watch on the entrance of my house - this time from outside - for whole days and nights. Call it foolish if you like; it gives me infinite pleasure and reassures me. At such times it is as if I were not so much looking at my house as at myself sleeping, and had the joy of being in a profound slumber and simultaneously of keeping vigilant guard over myself. I am privileged, as it were, not only to dream about the specters of the night in all the helplessness and blind trust of sleep, but also at the same time to confront them in actuality with the calm judgment of the fully awake. And strangely enough I discover that my situation is not so bad as I had often thought, and will probably think again when I return to my house.



Jochen Lempert, Phenotype, 2013, Ed. Walther König.
More info here.