wim t. schippers

In 1962 the Dutch Fluxus artist Wim T. Schippers emptied a bottle of Green Spot lemonade in the sea. The beach was filled with press, filming this small gesture. He managed to make it an international news item.


plans for other days

Last week someone told me to take a look at this book. It would move me he said. Well, he was right, it even moved me far beyond he could think, I think.

It is on my shelf now and will be grazed trough many times in the future for sure. A constant inspiration.

The foreword of the book says it all:
We are Janfamily. Each of us and all of us are called Jan. We are related but come from different places. We speak in individual voices, together, we speak up. This is how much we know. What we are made of and what makes us. We are making sense. Sit down where it feels comfortable. Sit down where it doesn't feel comfortable. Do the book.

How to pay a visit

How to fit in

How to make your mark

How to spoil

How to grow together




Take a guess which Great Masters are being imitated.
You will find your answers here.



before-after °3

'Reading position for second degree burn', Dennis Oppenheim, 1970


big plans

ontwerp 'Café De Unie', J.J.P. Oud

bovenaanzicht van kleurverdeling in atelierflat, Jozef Peeters

maquette, Gerrit Rietveld

maquette kleurverdeling, Theo van Doesburg

maquette, Theo van Doesburg

'contraconstructies', Theo van Doesburg

sculpturen, Georges van Tongerloo