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today: the uninhabited Chrissi island!


off to greece

Ali Bosworth, Kyklades, 2010

A full picture report in two weeks!

corded poodles

to keep you warm

Jan Mostaert, Portrait of a Young Gentleman, ca 1520
Jeff Koons


biscuit beige blush bronze

Map showing height of mountain 'Devils tower' 
Wikstenmade blogspot
Lucas Cranach 
'Het Walvisboek. walvissen en andere zeewezens', Adriaen Coenen, 1585
Lygia Pape, 'Tecelar', 1956
Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, marble, 359 C.E.
John F Kennedy Presidential collector card, 1968
Bill Owens, Suburbia, ca 1972
Sarah Braman, 'Ghost Sculpture (Coffin)', 2010


les portraits

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Foujita, Paris, 1926 - by Dénes Rónai
Hannah Höch, Self-Portrait in her studio, ca 1930
Lena with self-portrait, 1932-1933 - by Erwin Blumenfeld
Alfred Kubin, Munich, 1902, nd
Paul Cézanne in his atelier, 1905 - by Émile Bernard
The meeting of Constructivists and Dadaists in Weimar, 1922
All from the online picture archive T for tout




235 important and less important pictures from the 2nd part of the 20th century

Strolled by Guillaume Bijl's hilarious photo collection at M HKA Antwerp

At the top of M HKA I saw Graphology Chapter 3, which is part of a series of exhibitions curated by Edwin Carels. Graphology explores the automatisms that may show themselves in drawing. Chapter 4 will open August 26th. Is/was on view there:

Mekhitar Garabedian, Fig. A, A comme alphabet, 2011, courtesy Hoet Bekaert gallery & the artist

William Anastasi, Pocket Drawing, 2002, courtesy Thomas Rebhein Gallery Koln

Pierre Bismuth, Following the Right Hand of Sigmund Freud, 2009, courtesy Jan Mot Gallery

Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Legado Cajal, courtesy Instituto Cajal (CSIC) Madrid Spain