archival treasury °2

All these images belong to Mosaicism.org : a collection of images selected from the Image File of the Los Angeles Public Library, as part of a project by Daniel Ingroff for the curatorial initiative Works Sited. Just keep click click clicking your way through the images!



Paul McCarthy & Mike Kelley, Heidi: Midlife Crisis Trauma Center And 
Negative Media Engram Abreaction Release Zone, 1992.

This 1992 booklet for a collaborative exhibition is designed more like an 
artist book, with a serie of photo's that inspired this project. Among these
sources are images from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, an Otto Dix 
painting, a tattoo design and Austrian kitsch.


archival treasury °1

I dedicated some posts to her before, but hopping into the website of Ruth Van Beek always seems a very refreshing experience. So simple, the pure pleasure of digging through someone's image archive. Later this week, some more fingerlicking treasures!


all memorable

John Baldessari - Teaching a Plant the Alphabet (1972)
Marina Abramovic - Rest Energy (1980)
Yves Klein - Leap into the Void (1960)
Alberto Borea - Maneras de caerme 11 (2007)
Dennis Oppenheim - Parallel Stress (1970)



stranded together

A bunch of record covers - standing in line waiting to be played - unexpectedly forming a harmonious mix of melodies and colors. A line-up from top till bottom: 'Roxi Music 001' (produced by Tina Schott and Tina Kohlmann) - Love 'Forever changes' -  Köhn 'We need more space in the cosmos' (released by KRAAK) - 'Tropisch Excuus' (produced by Joke Leonare Desmet) - Pierre Elitair (released by Ultra Eczema) - Ciganydalok 'Gipsy songs' - Roxy Music 'Stranded'.
As you can see, the Roxy Music cover stranded above our couch and I'm planning on keeping it there for a while.


roxy in limbo

Above, a serie of screenshots I took from Roxy Music's 'Limbo' videoclip (1988). 
This Sunday I saw Roxy Music live at 'Lokerse Feesten' (the music festival with the famous giant waffles) and as part of their videoshow they showed some of these images on the screens. I have to say, I was a bit amazed. Okay, we already saw that Brian Ferry knew how to pick his album covers girls, but I have the feeling soft-hearted Brian really overdone himself in this videoclip.