city of hemispheres

Antfarm, Pillow for the Whole Earth, 1969

Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller, Clouds Manufactured, 1968

Raimund Abraham, Living capsule, 1966

Superstudio, City of Hemispheres, 1971
Richard Buckminster Fuller, Shoji Sadao Dome over Manhattan, ca. 1960
Superstudio, Flooded Florence, 1970


dummies to the rescue

how to rescue a 350 kilograms heavy horse


Yona Friedman

Ville Spatial project spanning across the horizon, with Yona Friedman and dog
Yona Friedmans House, by Michel Mallard Studio, 2011

Hans Ulrich Obrist: Who are the philosophers and thinkers who gave you ideas? Was Foucault an inspiration for you? Or Deleuze?
Yona Friedman: I have had one very important intellectual guide: my dog. A dog spends its whole life improvising. Improvising in every situation. 

With the following statement opens Yona Friedman his latest publication: Architecture with the People, by the People, for the People, 2011:
< I chose this title as it paraphrases Lincoln's definition of democrazy, a definition that is just but seldom implemented. If I had to qualify my approach to architecture, I see it as “democratic” in the sense of Lincoln’s interpretation. Architecture has to be conceived with the people, materialised as much as possible by the people. The term “for the people” is evident. This does not mean that the architect has no role in the process: he can provide ideas, techniques, new aesthetics – which will get validated only with the people, by the people, for the people. By the way, architects are also people…belong to the people. > Yona Friedman.



Dear leader

kim jong-il


Interfunktionen, periodical, black-and-white, various sized volumes, 10 volumes, published by Heubach, Cologne. 
Interfunktionen was started by Friedrich (Fritz) Heubach after a march in 1968 on the occasion of Documenta, when Joseph Beuys, Wolf Vostell and others went to protest the closedness of the exhibition. Heubach was inspired by Vostell’s magazine Decollage. More interesting anekdotes here. Thanks to Specific Object / David Platzker for the images.


steep fall


Dying Birds, by Trine Søndergaard & Nicolai Howalt, 2006-2010, photogravures



color flair & hair

Gilbert Van Cauter, 1966.
my hair, by yana foqué.

Collar, made of dyed horse hair, worn by men. 
Querelle Jansen.


august sander

Architektenehepaar. Der Architekt Hans Heinz Lüttgen und seine Frau
August Sander
Date: 1927–28, printed 1971

Fahrende Handwerksburschen, Germany
August Sander
Date: after 1929, before 1938

Der Maler Heinrich Hoerle portraitiert den Boxer Hein Domgörgen
August Sander
Date: ca. 1927, printed ca. 1979

High School Student, Cologne, 1926
August Sander



Mark Wallinger, The Unconscious, 2010. Till February 19 on show in Museum De Pont, Tilburg (The Netherlands). 
Wallinger took photographs from the internet of people who have fallen asleep on public transportation. The cell-phone snapshots taken by fellow passengers show a complete loss of self-control, defenselessness and surrender. Carefully guarded egos have vanished behind the literal and figurative vulnerability of a gaping mouth, a head nodding off, an exposed neckline.