funny faces

I bought a dozen of small pocket books on rare medieval miniatures, the flemish primitives and some famous painters of the twentieth century. One thing for sure, they were good in drawing the strangest faces. In the following order you see a painting by Cezanne, Gaugain, and Dürer.


no time to waste

Cassandra Laing, No time to waste, 2006, graphite on paper


in good company

Some photographs of Hans Arp and the gang, from the book "Arp" by Serge Fauchereau (Paris, 1988). Arp his work in the fifties and sixties:


conifers in full colour

From the book 'Coniferen in kleur', 1977



definitely a group show

Some views from my visit to Croxhapox this Thursday, it currently houses a show that definitely deserves the title 'A Group Show'. The show was curated by RE:. After seeing this exhibition I will keep an eye on the three young gentlemen that run this stimulating initiative!
From top to bottom you can see an installation by Katleen Vinck, an audio recording and print by Edward Clydesdale-Thomson, and a blown-up polaroid with a hay bundle called 'Hutsul' by Michèle Matyn, while Anouk Kruithof shows a video with a slowly eroding tower of blocks. My absolute favorite however is the fragile track on the floor in which footprints, beams of light and all kinds of objects like textile, paper, a chair and an ostrich egg show you the way through nothing but space. Too bad that the website of the artist who made this, Saskia Noor van Imhoff, is currently under construction. Don't forget to mark this in your agenda: "finissage A Group Show + booklaunch Wim Wolkman on Sunday 26 September 2010, 2pm" !


from top to bottom

First, Bruno Munari's 'The circle', 'The square' and 'The triangle'. If you are a Munari fan, you can practically order all his books on the website of Corraini. Next, a secret drawer under the table filled with bird whistles. Next, a dear friend of mine, whose baby will babble 'auntie liene' to me, and this for the first time! Actually, it is her house on the pictures, with her beautiful embroideries who will soon hang on the wall behind her, and also her chaotic - but surely somehow structured - 'to do' list.