in a fruity state of mind

anonymous fruit

Dish, anonymous, 1776
(c) Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
East Indian market stall, Albert Eckhout, 1640 - 1666
(c) Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Fruit trees and herbs in Java, 1596, anonymous, 1646
(c) Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Still life with cheeses, Floris Claesz. van Dijck, ca. 1615
(c) Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Armchair coated with tapestry, anonymous, ca. 1700 - ca. 1725
(c) Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Stilleven met exotisch fruit, John Thomson, ca. 1868
(c) Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

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rock, painting, box, note, sponge

Jimmie Durham, Still Life with Architectural Elements, 2000
Christopher Knowles @ Gavin Brown


wheatfield in downtown manhattan

Agnes Denes'Wheatfield - A Confrontation: Battery Park Landfill, Downtown Manhattan'. 
Two acres of wheat planted and harvested by the artist, Summer 1982.

"After months of preparations, in May 1982, a 2-acre wheat field was planted on a landfill in lower Manhattan, two blocks from Wall Street and the World Trade Center, facing the Statue of Liberty.
Planting and harvesting a field of wheat on land worth $4.5 billion created a powerful paradox. Wheatfield was a symbol, a universal concept; it represented food, energy, commerce, world trade, and economics. It referred to mismanagement, waste, world hunger and ecological concerns. It called attention to our misplaced priorities. The harvested grain traveled to twenty-eight cities around the world in an exhibition called "The International Art Show for the End of World Hunger", organized by the Minnesota Museum of Art (1987-90). The seeds were carried away by people who planted them in many parts of the globe."

Seen on the Artefact 2013 exhibition - titled "A City Shaped" - in Leuven.



a series of pairs

Geert Goiris, page from Lying Awake, 2013, Roma Publication 195
Michel Auder at Office Baroque Gallery

Daisuke Yokota at G/P Gallery, Tokyo (via SPBH)
Ulla von BrandenburgTanz, makaber, 2006, film super 8, silent, 35 sec loop

Ans & Bert Aerts, 80's, Wortel
Jeroen LambertynErrata, work in progress

Citrus × paradisi hybrid
Earrings for sale at Jutka&Riska


the precautionary principle

In restoration: St. Peter's Church, Leuven

the secrets of

'De Wereld van de Chemie', Uitgeverij Het Spectrum n.v., Utrecht/Antwerpen, 1968
'Het Geheim van het Leven', Uitgeverij Het Spectrum n.v., Utrecht/Antwerpen, 1968


Nr. 16

Sesam Kunstgeschiedenis
 Zestiende deel
Islamitische Kunst, Oud-Afrikaanse Kunst, De Kunst der Ocaniƫrs
Bosch&Keuning n.v., Baarn, 1963

on his sundays best

(image source: De Morgen, 12 February 2013)


Lam Gods

Last week a face has been found in the underdrawing on Van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece or 'Adoration of the Mystic Lamb' (1432). This video is in Dutch, but is quite self-explanatory
Infrared reflectography of the Altarpiece as a whole or in its very smallest details can be seen in high resolution images on this websiteOr scroll through its magnificent history of whereabouts through this serie of photos and news articles.



I made this selection of the most beautiful, subtle details of the Van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece via the website Closer to Van Eyck, Rediscovering the Ghent Altarpiece. When you're visiting Belgium, don't miss this Early Flemish polyptych panel painting in the Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent!

(depicted panels from top to bottom: photo 1: Adoration of the Lamb / photo 2: Eve / photo 3: Adoration of the Lamb / photo 4: Angel musicians / photo 5: Deity enthroned / photo 6: Interior with city view / photo 7: Pilgrims / photo 8: Singing angels)