picture domino

Monday, Yana made a route from point A (Fort 8) - to point B (centre of Hoboken). I followed her red chalk marks and red ribbons. In the end, we both walked the same route with the intention of hunting the same pictures. Funny to see how our 55mm lenses actually came across the same trivialities... with a stack of cards as result. Time to play a domino and/or memory game with them!


eye candy

being on vacaction is also about catching up on the ever growing pile of magazines. my eyes lingered (too long) on many lovely things to wear. 
tshirt Marc by Marc Jacobs
belt and sweater Chloé
legging Avelon
suede shoes Minimarket


quatorze juillet

Above, some books we found on a flea market in Aix-en-Provence. 
Below, details out of a 'Paris Match' magazine N°537, dated '25 juillet 1959'.


on holiday

I'm off on holiday for a week (together with five crazed girls). Looking forward to that gymnastics at the beach right before sunset.


studying the night

These are all Night Studies from Tudor Bratu.


color confetti

Except for the man in yellow, all these colors exploded in bits and pieces on the weird blog Weird Friends.


day one and two

day one and two in fort 8. me and my partner, yana foqué, got a small round space there where we are going to work with for one month. when you've got one window, a floor and brickwork surrounding you, you've got plenty to do.
yes we do, we keep you posted.