owners and their chou chou's

from an amazing book on 'naive' creations and their makers in France: 'Les inspirés du bord des routes' by Jacques Verroust & Jacques Lacarrière, 1978


Topio stin omichli (Landscape in the mist), 1988

last but not least

Last Sunday, next to my voting booth

Last Monday, at the HISK Open Studios:
@ Studio Kasper Bosmans (Kanarie 2xRhinoceros etc.)
Studio Andrea Galiazzo
Studio Egon Van Herreweghe (page from 'Best Available Copy', 
a book in progress by Egon & Dominique Somers, more pages at Le Salon)
Studio Katerina Undo (jawbreakers / magic balls)
Studio Jóhanna Kristbjörg Sigurðardóttir

Last Wednesday, at a wedding party in a shed in the middle of nowhere,
blooming pink peonies everywhere


'girl with'

  Seated Girl (Fränzi Fehrmann), 1910 (altered 1920), Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Bathsheba Bathing, 1498 - 1499, Jean Bourdichon, The J. Paul Getty Museum
Breton Girl Looking After Plants in the Hothouse, 1884, Anna Petersen, Statens Museum for Kunst
Woman's face, circa 1911, Alexej von Jawlensky, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

images found via the search term 'girl with' here: Google Cultural Institue (features high-resolution images of art works from museums all over the world) & here: The Metropolitan Museum of Art online collection


acrylic, linen, pastel crayon, paper, canvas

Untitled (III) (2013), 64 x 55 cm
Bocca Baciata LV (2014), 310 x 195 cm
Formidleren (The Communicator) (Beige) (2011), 300 x 200 cm
Bocca Baciata LIII (2014), 310 x 195 cm
Formidleren (The Communicator) (Violet) (2011), 300 x 200 cm
Untitled (II) (2013), 66 x 55 cm
More work from Alexander Tovborg here.


Octopus Vulgaris etc.

from the book 'Schelpen vinden en herkennen', Bob Entrop



dreaming & learning

The Cuban National Schools of Arts were built during the Cuban Revolution. They encapsulated the radical, utopian vision of the Revolution, but unfortunately the schools were left to decay before even being completed. Fidel Castro commissioned Cuban modernist architect Ricardo Porro, who was then joined by two Italian architects, Vittorio Garatti and Roberto Gottardi. Read the whole text and see the rest of the images at Archdaily.

School of Ballet by Vittorio Garatti. Images © Adrián Mallol i Moretti

School of Modern Dance by Ricardo Porro

School of Plastic Arts by Ricardo Porro. Image © Flickr user- ckeech


look him in the face

Vrouwen & flowers

Last Sunday, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson presented a series of drawings, a new book and himself at Stadslimiet (photos of Sigmarsson performing by Kwart Frietveld).