I miss new york

The cocktail napkin of The View, the 360° rotating lounge at the top of the hotel
Claes Oldenburg, Upside down city, 1962
Paul T Frankl, Skyscraper, ca 1927, Moma


No Joke

Ebecho Muslimova
Math Bass (left) & Herluf Bidstrup (right, in the back)

Chadwick Rantanen

Laeh Glenn 
Allison Katz 

Saul Steinberg
'No Joke' exhibition at Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin.
The crappy pictures are mine, you can find the others and more here:


Ah! Donald Judd, my favourite!

John IsaacsAh! Donald Judd, my favourite!1991, edition of 12 + 2 AP


Sekt und Wurst für alle in Köln!

Sigmar Polke, Würstchen, 1964

Sigmar Polke, Der Wurstesser, 1963
Sigmar Polke, Sekt für alle (Champagne for all), 1964

Sigmar Polke, Sekt für alle (Champagne for all), ca. 1963

The Museum Ludwig

isa genzken
gerhard richter
sigmar polke, wrapped in "The Large Cloth of Abuse"
sigmar polke
The Museum Ludwig, situated in the very heart of Cologne, a house for 20th century art and contemporary art designed in 1986 by architects Peter Bussmann and Godfrid Haberer. It stands strong right between the medieval Cologne Cathedral, the Rhine river and the central train station. Together the museum and the Dom neatly bookend the city's art history, from the 13th century to the present day. 
If you get the chance, visit ALIBIS, a retrospective of Sigmar Polke's paintings, films, drawings, sculptures,... on display until the 5th of July.




never stop growing please I
never stop growing please II
never stop growing please III
the trunk of a 'norfolk-baumfarn' (no color filter!)
Hundertwasser Haus

www.grugapark.de (Essen, Germany)


Silver Back & Back Rock

Silver Back & Back Rock, Ines Slechtleitner, 2012 (installation view during Objets Reposés show at M_Museum, Leuven)
(Silver Back was the first image of a male Gorilla in the Stuttgart Zoo.)