attempt to levitate a table

In 1961 professor John G. Neihardt formed a group called SORRAT (Society for Research on Rapport and Psychokinesis). He told the group to sit around a wooden table in a closed circle, with their fingers touching the fingers of the person next to him. As the pictures show, the table began to move, walk and finally levitate. More attempts here.


These beautiful flyers were made by Joke Leonare and Jozefien Gruyaert in the occasion of a project they assembled together. The flyers show us the faces of three talented young gentlemen. Milan Warmoerskerken already climbed the podium Joke and Jozefien especially built for it, but next Thursday Gerard Herman will measure himself with a giant Kazoo (as I just heard) and the Thursday after that Wieter Dockx will tape loop the whole space.