Proforming Franz West

from the catalogue: Franz West, 'Proforma', Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, 1996

"Franz West has conceived this first retrospective as a very big "anti-exhibition." The show consists in a display of main sculptural and painterly works since 1979, but it appears to the viewer as a kind of storage in a furniture shop of homeless people. The exhibition appears like one big installation-collage, formed by fifteen sculpture-installations which are placed in a very calculated system of relations between each other. West's early "Passtuecke" and the signature-pieces from 1979 open up to the big room-installations of the last two years, with a remarkable continuity in West's unique way of dealing with materials (which comes from his past as an 'homeless-artist' in 70ies Vienna)." (source text excerpt)


Inside Out ⬠ The abstract thought scene



full speed ahead

Scans from different editions of the 'Photography Year' books



Franz Wilhelm Seiwert, "Fabriken", 1926
Franz Wilhelm Seiwert, "Arbeiter", 1926 
Franz Wilhelm Seiwert, "The Peasants' War"



Peter Downsbrough, ANDHamburg: Anatol AV und Filmproduktion, 1977
"This small edition uses two vertical bars to repeatedly divide various photographs of landscapes, interiors and urban street scenes. The images then drop periodically from the books rhythm, and in their place short staccato word phrases are introduced – developing a grammar that is both spatial, textual, and imaginary."
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