19th century cookie molds

from the book 'Koekplanken', J.J. Schilstra, 1961



Lou Loeber, illustrations from the Dutch book ‘Gouden Vlinders’ ('Golden Butterflies'), 1927
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Bart van der Leck, 'Goat and young goat', 1946
Bart van der Leck, 'Still life (Bowl with apples)'


Four compositions

Jan Roeland, Composition with four vases, 1990

Jan Roeland, Tafels ('Tables'), 1974

Lou Loeber, Lezende ('Reader'), 1930

Max Bill, Drei Gleich Grosse Sechszehnecke, 1959


Jan Holcomb stoneware

Jan Holcomb, Moon Rift (ca. 1975-80),
stoneware, paint
Jan Holcomb, Burned Up (ca. 1975-80),
stoneware, glaze
Jan Holcomb, Night Fall (ca. 1980-85),
stoneware, paint
Jan Holcomb, Recounting Warning Signs (ca. 1975-80),
stoneware, paint


Digitalis, like the flower

Daniel Dewar's & Grégory Gicquel's solo show 'Digitalis' just opened at KIOSK, Ghent.
Their new Benches, Embroideries, Trough, Oak murals with boots & Stoneware vessels are on display until April 10th...


Rijksweg N1, 1978

'Rijksweg N1 tussen de brug van Kontich en de brug van Walem is een weg die de weg kwijt is.

Stills from the documentary 'Rijksweg N1' (1978), by film maker Jef Cornelis and writer Geert Bekaert.
They zoom in on the main road between Kontich and Walem, the road linking Brussels and Antwerp. 
Camera work by Guido Van Rooy and a custom-made sound composition by André Laporte.
Watch it online here: www.canvas.be/video/rijksweg-n1