235 important and less important pictures from the 2nd part of the 20th century

Strolled by Guillaume Bijl's hilarious photo collection at M HKA Antwerp

At the top of M HKA I saw Graphology Chapter 3, which is part of a series of exhibitions curated by Edwin Carels. Graphology explores the automatisms that may show themselves in drawing. Chapter 4 will open August 26th. Is/was on view there:

Mekhitar Garabedian, Fig. A, A comme alphabet, 2011, courtesy Hoet Bekaert gallery & the artist

William Anastasi, Pocket Drawing, 2002, courtesy Thomas Rebhein Gallery Koln

Pierre Bismuth, Following the Right Hand of Sigmund Freud, 2009, courtesy Jan Mot Gallery

Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Legado Cajal, courtesy Instituto Cajal (CSIC) Madrid Spain