quiet speech in wide circulation

Installation shots from Thea Djordjadze's show 'Quiet speech in wide circulation' at KIOSK (taken by Yana Foque).

The exhibition’s title refers to the venue’s original function as an anatomical auditorium, where the softest whisper resonates throughout the circular theatre. The sculptures, whose modest sizes belie their confident presence, seem to function as objects of study to the artist, objects that can be juxtaposed no sooner than in the specific exhibition space; tentatively feeling each other’s temporariness and fragility and engaging in a steady dialogue with the room. A reciprocal whispering goes round the room and turns the visitor to face his own position. A predominantly corporeal understanding is sparked by an orchestrated interplay between the work’s physical presence, that of the visitor and the circular space that acts as the setting. Much like an object falling in water and drawing concentric circles on its surface, so Djordjadze seems to encircle the KIOSK space, her sculptures, and the visitor in a single movement, directing an encounter that can only be understood in its impenetrability.