There was a lecture of Belgian artist Guillaume Bijl at KASK in Ghent last Tuesday. I am sure a powerpoint presentation never amused me that much ever before. Dull decorated roundabouts in the middle of nowhere, a composition with marble figures, an exhibition with four made-up American artists, a mattress store, the decor of a miss beauty contest, a stair store, an organ store and so on.

Last night, Guillaume Bijl and his wife Ulrike Lindmayr welcomed everyone in their home and exhibition space 'LLS 387' for a marathon lecture from 6 till 11 PM in honour of Belgian poet and artist Marcel van Maele. 
A social gathering it certainly was, with the older generation giving us an example on how to dance on high heels at age 65, turn the tables with a discman and piss in the bushes instead of using the bathroom.