Lord Nelson’s Portrait Gallery

Some pictures from our visit to the exhibition Lord Nelson’s Portrait Gallery by Nel Aerts.
On show till 04 October 2014 at Carl Freedman Gallery - so bring another visit to London baby!
I wrote a text about this gaudy gathering of figures - you can read it in its entirety here.

...The figure of the night cries his heart out. Like a punctured balloon he ascends into
a cloud-filled blackness. His crocodile tears and bow tie steal the show, but mostly they invoke
compassion. Other silently sobbing snivellers observe him from a lonely corner. Sculptural tears
enclose them, whisper salty nothings into their ears. One-eye stands stiff as a board, taking it all in.
Cross-eye with the curly wig cannot see beyond the end of his neck. The sky opens up for the sailor on watch. He
hopes yet to steer this fleet of frecklefaces, hammerheads and stiffnecks into the right direction. With
fields of clouds, ice cream scoops, rain showers and crying fits drifting by on the horizon. Sluggishly
they undergo their fate, floating like driftwood on the waves of their own carved-out and etched-on