Edward Ruscha eating Crackers

Edward Ruscha's book Crackers (1969) is based on a short story by musician Mason Williams, “How to Derive the Maximum Enjoyment from Crackers”. The book served as the basis for Ruscha’s 1971 film “Premium”. The photographs feature a couple on their first date, ending up in a cheap hotel room. He covers her with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives, and proceeds to pour a large bucket of salad dressing over her body. But the man forgot crackers to top his “salad” and leaves the woman in the bed while he goes to the store and purchases a box. The final scene shows the man having checked himself in to a fancy hotel room, lying alone in a much nicer bed, smiling and eating his crackers. 
Pictures and more info: www.oliverjwood.com/books/crackers/