Atopolis - proposals for an ideal city, connected to everyplace, or anyplace

Lawrence Weiner

Danai Anesiadou (foreground) & Meschac Gaba - 'Glo-Balloon' (background)
Benoit Platéus - 'Ghostburn'
Thomas Hirschhorn - 'Globalization Reversed'

Nevin Aladağ - 'Music Room'
Francis Alÿs - Don't cross the bridge before you get to the river', Strait of Gibraltar, Morroco - Spain.
You can watch the video work online here.
Nevin Aladağ - 'Leaning Wall'

Jef Geys - 'Plexireliëf'

Vincent Meessen

Works from Atopolis. The exhibition is on display until October 18th at Manège de Sury and is a collaboration between Wiels and the museums of Mons (European Capital of Culture in 2015).

"The title alludes to the ideas of Edouard Glissant, the influential thinker of hybridisation and globalisation, who argues in favour of fluid identities, unhindered exchanges and an ideal cosmopolitan openness, which he calls the ‘Relation’, interconnected and radically egalitarian. Twenty-three artist temporarily install a proposal an atopolis, or a proposal for an ideal city, connected to everyplace, or anyplace."

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