Maison Guiette, by Le Corbusier, 1926

YES, we finally managed to visit House Guiette, from the inside! It was built in Antwerp by Le Corbusier as the residence and studio of the painter René Guiette. It's the only Corbusier still standing here in Belgium. The large window on the top of the front facade is from the studio of the painter and on the third floor there is an enclosed roof terrace.

Since we couldn't make pictures inside :( 
hereby some great archival photos 
look at his beautiful use of colors on the walls 
per room, every wall got a different color - a well thought out specific color that matched the original function of the room 
siena red, ochre, umber, blue, pink, ultramarine, light grey,..

photo René Guiette, 1932, courtesy Guy Schraenen

photo René Guiette, 1932, courtesy Guy Schraenen

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