back then & now // Juliaan Lampens, House Van Wassenhove, 2015

Photos from my visit to Juliaan Lampens' House Van Wassenhove in Sint-Martens-Latem in October 2015. The house was recently restored by museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, they will develop a residency program here, more pictures: here.
"This expressive building contains another version of Lampens' open living concept. (...) A few functional areas received their own, distinctive form. The bed is placed in a wooden cylinder that stands on the half level like a giant piece of furniture, and slightly bulges out into the living space. The desk is contained in a square concrete box, also situated n the half level, that completely 'slides into' the living space to partially obscure the view to the kitchen, which is positioned against the north wall. Out of the office floor, which overlooks the interior like a balcony, grows the dining table that seems to float freely in the space. Here too, everything is acoustically open. (...) The functional elements form an expressive whole that adds to the quality of the space which itself is experienced as a continuous dynamic whole, from the covered terrace to the strip of light at the half level. apart from the floor, the sleep cylinder and the inbuilt cupboards, the whole house, inside and outside, was executed in roughcast concrete." (text by Frank Strauven, p. 57)