Our beautiful Brussels

Last weekend I visited some temporary exhibition initiatives, set up in the context of Art Brussels. There was 'Out of Africa', an exhibition curated by Anne-Catherine Kenis and Damien De Lepeleire @ rue de Praetere, Brussels. The show combines classical african art with contemporary artists like Rein Dufait, Christophe Terlinden, Amélie de Brouwer, Olivier Stévenart, Michel François, a couple of mango's and many others artists, things:

And the 'Not really, really' exhibition. For the 5th time Brussels based collector Fréderic de Goldschmidt exhibits a part of his private collection. The show puts mainly sculptures on display and the space itself (a stripped down former mental health facility) dictates the trajectory of display:

Michel François, 'untitled', 2012
Yann Vanderme, 'Not really really a museum', 2016
Paulo Nimer Pjota, 'Oferenda, paisagem e guerra', 2014
Camille Henrot, 'Fiat Panda 1980-2003' (series 'Endangered Species'), 2015
Amanda Ross-Ho, 'Blue glove right #2', 2014
Evan Robarts, 'Field No. 12', 2015
Neil Haas, 'Paper David', 2014
Romuald Hazoumè, 'Aspirant Chef', 2006