Lineage of Love

Exhibition views of Lineage of Love by Dorothy Iannone at KIOSK (photos by Tom Callemin)
This Sunday, January 29th, Dorothy's exhibition ends with a public reading from her artist book An Icelandic Saga ((1978 (Part 1), 1983 (Part 2), 1986 (Part 3)). In the various phases of An Icelandic Saga, Iannone looks back on her 1967 trip to Iceland, where she first met Dieter Roth. The “journey which seems to have made all other journeys possible”, as she calls it, commences when her ship arrives at Reykjavik: Iannone, her husband James Upham and Fluxus artist Emmett Williams are greeted by Roth, who is carrying “a very fresh fish, wrapped in newspaper” under his arm.