BANG, 2019!

"In the 1800s, Jinta Hirayama kept a record of different types of fireworks displays. Hirayama is responsible for bringing vibrant colors to Japanese fireworks at a time when muted orange hues were the dominant color palette. Hirayama founded his own fireworks company in Yokohama, Japan in 1877. He produced catalogs to display his wares and ultimately moved products internationally. Now, the Yokohama Library has made the illustrations available online for the first time here(For those who don’t read Japanese, scroll down the page and click on any of the books titles written in English. On the next page that loads, click on “本体PDF画像” to download the file as a PDF.)"

(source: https://mymodernmet.com/japanese-fireworks-illustration-jinta-hirayama/?fbclid=IwAR1kdu1zrTHbeGkD2m0Gwav5IKhcCO04SlgKkIySkcxXOng6M-YugouV3W0)