I love the word trouble

"I love the word trouble. It refers to everything that is not limpid, tidy. It’s a word that gets medicalised too often; a word used inappropriately by the police. And maybe we have ended up mistrusting this word – even when it refers to something from our internal selves. I want to bring the word back into favour. Unlike “indecision”, it is a term that refers to a tumult of the mind, to a state of suspension, to a sort of opacity of the real. That which is trouble merely suggests, without providing a basis for naming what is to come or what will arise. Being troubled is a state familiar to lovers. We know."

Read Claudio Pazienza's beautiful 'State of the Cinema 2019' for Sabzian here.

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(Images: film stills from Kira Muratova's Brief Encounters, 1967 and The Long Farewell, 1971)