appropriation & appreciation

1. Derek Sullivan, Every Letter in "The Sunset Strip", self published, 2008
2. Derek Sullivan, Two-Day Hangover,  self published, 2008
Sullivan regularly uses print on demand technology. The technology allows for the content to be under continual revision, creating an unlimited edition publication that is in perpetual development.
The first book is an anagrammatic play on the title of Ed Ruscha's 1966 artist's book Every Building on the Sunset Strip. Each page features a single anagram generated using the same letters, creating a sequence of phrase.

3. & 4. Martin Kippenberger, Psychobuildings, Walter König Verlag, 1988
For this book Kippenberger appropriated the book cover design from German philosophy publisher Merve Verlag. As you can see, the book from Sullivan is another appropriation of the same design.

Sullivan's artist books can be bought here and are presented as a part of his exhibition, Young Americans, at KIOSK in Ghent untill June 12.

The photographs from the Kippenberger book were taken at the exhibition, MULTIPLE / READINGS, designed by Johan Pas in the beautiful Library Henri Conscience. More pictures soon.