now on view

These installation views from Derek Sullivan's exhibition Young Americans show a serie of framed drawings on a layer of blown-up poster portraits from Louise Nevelson, River Phoenix, Japser Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella,... The two layers overlap, but maintain their own separate visual rhythms. Like phrases in a winding narrative, each poster combined with its accompanying pattern or fragment of text suggestively builds upon the one before it. Sullivan considers Young Americans as an artist’s book to walk around in, as a dialogue in which the visitor partakes. Blank sheets serve as breathing spaces; short breaks during reading.

His work is on view at KIOSK together with the exihibition Improvise and Overcome by Jan De Cock until June 12. All the above pictures were taken by Yana Foque

Some of Sullivan’s artist’s books are on display at the reception of KIOSK.