Finally there, Cap Moderne

More archival photos of the interior and the site in this earlier post
here and here:

Le Corbusier drinking coffee and pastis in Gray's villa in front of his murals.
Photos from 
Eileen Gray: Her Life and Work by Peter Adam.
A view of E.1027 during renovations, with Le Corbusier’s Unités de Camping sited above
+ the bar-restaurant L'Etoile de Mer and Le Cabanon at the right.
Photo from 
Grand Designs, 2011.

Eileen Gray was the first to build upon this rocky plot of land at Roquebrune Cap-Martin. Gray built Vila E-1027 together with her fellow architect and lover, Jean Badovici. According to the visitor's guide, the name intertwines their initials: E is for Eileen, the 10 and the 2 for the tenth and second letters of the alphabet, J and B, and the 7 is for G. Pictures of our visit to the adjacent houses will follow.