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Le Cabanon :
"I have a chateau on the Côte d'Azur, it measures 3.66 x 3.66 m. 
It's for my wife, it's extravagant in comfort and kindness". 
This is how Le Corbusier described his Cabanon, built in 1952, 
according to the rules of harmonious measurements defined 
in the 'Modular'. He kept up the habit of 'summering' in his 
Cabanon at the seaside until the end of his life in 1965.

Tombe de Le Corbusier

L'Etoile de Mer :
In 1947, Thomas Rebutato bought the small strip of land
next to Gray's Villa. At first he wanted a cabin that he could use
 for his fishing equipment and family picnic, later he transformed
 it into a bistro-restaurant. Le Corbusier painted the murals on
the facade and in the bedroom.

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Les Unités de Camping :
In 1956, Le Corbusier built five holiday units for Rebutato. 
Each unit accommodates two people, is 8 big and has a 
horizontal T-shaped window, framing the sea-facing landscape.